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  2. Think critically.  Consistently.


  3. Zombie Walk, July 2010.


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  5. "I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking. If all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed, and why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of what pro-life is."
    — Benedictine Nun, Sister Joan Chittister


  7. Ugh what compels people to speak their mind when they find something unattractive?
    Like fuck I know my teeth are not pretty. But they’re there and nothing I can do about it at least for now so I’ve learned not to think about them as much as I can help it.
    “Does the dentist say those gaps are alright?”
    Fuck off.


  8. 10 very good things from the week that was June 30 - July 6, 2014

    1. Found this song (video is nothing special but it is the official one) I am really enjoying for dancing while cooking, doing dishes, etc.
    2. Had my New Zealand farewell party!  Really wanted to cancel it cause I’ve been feeling so shitty.  Even up to a couple hours before I was considering it.  But I didn’t and I’m glad.  Was great to talk with everyone a bit.
    3. Michael brought me special cookies for a going away present :)  He doesn’t even eat them, he just thought of me.  So sweet.  And Steph got me stationery to write my NZ friends with!
    4. Played hooky with Alex!  We went to the aquarium and had a cafe lunch.  It was so nice to have some time just me and him.  Obviously we love Eddie but let’s face it: toddlers complicate things!
    5. In the aquarium gift shop, I pointed out to Alex how silly it was that all the mermaid dollies (there were 20+ varieties) had light skin, when there are so many different skin colors.  We talked about how it might make children sad to not have a dolly that looked like them and I made sure the takeaway from it was that it was unfair and hurtful.  Never too early to start these discussions, and while of course I wish we didn’t have to have them to begin with, we do, and so in that way I was glad such an obvious example of misrepresentation came up.
    6. At the casino at 4:30 am there were SO many people out to watch the world cup.  In one area, near most of the TVs, a very large group of people who cheered very loudly when Argentina scored, all sang a song together and I assume it was a national song of Argentina and most of them were immigrants.  Very cool to oversee such excitement.  I’ve never been interested in sports but I think people coming together like that is just beautiful, in pretty much any situation.
    7. I feel like I’ve gotten much better at not being so excessive with my internet use.  Like some days now, since finishing my #100daysofhappy, I don’t look at instagram at all.  Before, I followed very few people in an effort to not spend so much time on instagram because I felt like I needed to look at every single photo posted, so I simply couldn’t have that many photos in my feed.  But now, I just don’t care to look at them all.  I’m not worried I’ll miss some vital event in a friends life that they posted there because if it was super important I’d find out from them sooner or later one way or another anyhow.  Yeah.  For me, right now, less internet = good.
    8. Some guy on facebook commented on this post, “Ok not trying to get into anything deep but please explain how it is men are more privileged.”  and I haven’t felt like taking the time to answer and so I haven’t put any pressure on myself to rush to it.  I do want to though, and I will. Given what I know about his upbringing/life thus far, I legitimately believe he may simply be unaware.  Anyways, my relaxed approach to this echoes #7.  Things don’t have to be immediate just because it’s the internet. (Also, if y’all have any ideas for my response to him, throw them at me).
    9. Someone who this post applies to acknowledged their wrongdoing.
    10. I had my eyebrows “threaded” - I always assumed threading was where they ADDED hair (because doesn’t the word threading sound like it would??), but no.  I think I like them the best I ever have! Here’s a picture you can see them in.


  10. "I like your photographs, your portraits - they are beautiful. They show a soft kind of love and I can tell that you appreciate people in their natural state. Keep taking photographs. And in your fathers spirit. In India, we say that when someone dies they become their own star, their own galaxy..he is there, and he is proud of you, and happy you are capturing things as he did."
    — Bharat

  11. Rooftop, ice cream, pool, whiskey. Good.


  12. Findependence day!! My last Saturday in New Zealand which coincides with the fourth in America ☺️😊👌❤️🙋🌃🎉🎈🌅 #nofilterforZarni (at Auckland, New Zealand)


  13. Although I have been in 6 different places for a month or more at a time, and have spent all other holidays this place and that, fourth of july is the one place that I have always been in Bozeman.  23 times.  This year will be different and is symbolic of the fact that my life can never truly resemble what it was before my dad died.  It’s ok, I guess. I mean, it has to be ok. He left way earlier than throughout most of my life I would have guessed. It can be ok and tragic. Bozeman is still home because my sister is still there, in my dad’s apartment, but when she leaves it will be rented out to someone else and all the pieces of our family’s life will be either in a storage unit or reduced greatly - to whatever belongings we can care for in our respective homes.

    Last year, the first fourth of july without my dad, I considered going out of town but ultimately chose to be in Bozeman.  I watched the fireworks alone and I wept.  Later, I met up with Jason and felt joy.

    The year before that, I watched fireworks on a blanket with my dad.
    The year before that, I watched fireworks on a blanket with my dad.  The year before that, I watched fireworks on a blanket with my dad.  The year before that, I watched fireworks on a blanket with my dad.  The year before that, I watched fireworks on a blanket with my dad.  (Repeat). 

    This year, I’m with my New Zealand friends and we’re currently talking about the kink of having sex in a pool of spaghetti (I like that it’s weird but alright to think about this being a thing with warm spaghetti, but with with COLD spaghetti, that’s VERY freaky). Gotta say. Being in this country, with these people, is just about the best alternative I could imagine versus being with my dad or being with someone I love most back home watching fireworks on a blanket.

  14. Happy fourth, everyone.


  15. eyeyei:

    I wish there was a superhero out there whose primary concern was rescuing babies out of hot cars in the summer. WHAT is going on with these parents?

    Right?!  The Montana DHHS posted a handy reminder/trick to help parents remember -  ”put your left shoe in the backseat every time you get in your car, because when you get out of your car you’ll always notice” ..but…I mean…I feel like if you’re the type of person who could forget your kid in the car you’re not gonna be the type of person to remember to do this handy trick each time to counteract it?? Still, I’m glad this summer the media is paying some attention to it - that should help!