1. Image is Powerful: Cameron Russell (by TEDxTalks)

    This woman has been a model for 10 years, and she draws on that experience as she explores the consequences we face by idealizing beauty through the media.  She acknowledges that in meeting this superficial standard of beauty (by winning a “genetic lottery”), she’s been granted unearned privilege in an appearance-obsessed culture that subsequently oppresses women the further they get from what we have defined as “beautiful”.  

    She encourages children to pursue a career path (!), and notes that the modeling world is where the most physically insecure people -including herself- can be found.  These insecurities could not exist outside of a culture that constructs what beauty is and places so much emphasis on the it.  Watch this.  It’s honest, surprising, and refreshing.  And if you know any young girls, I encourage you to send this video and/or this message their way.  It could make a larger difference in their life than you may ever know!

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